The Waiwera Society has added to its collection of vintage rugby memorabilia with this photograph of the 1896 Māori Rugby Union Team.

At the time of the photo, David 'Pony' Gage had been appointed the third official captain of the team.
Gage can be seen at the very right of the photo in the back row. He played in 68 of the 74 matches that the Māori 'Natives' team played in Britain, as well as being part of the Australian tour in 1893. 

The 1896 team pictured beat Queensland at Wellington’s Athletic Park with a phenomenal 9-0 final score.

The Waiwera Society recently purchased some vintage photography taken circa 1860 at Rotorua, one of the most geothermal areas of New Zealand. 
Rotorua, a sacred (tapu) Maori area, has since become a hotspot of New Zealand tourism. When these photos were taken it was virtually unheard of by European settlers; the healing properties of the water still a kept secret.
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