Each year Waiwera Water NZ Ltd sponsors dozens of business, social and community events and receives hundreds of requests for sponsorship. Therefore, we have streamlined the application process to help reduce paper correspondence and allow requests to be processed more efficiently.

Please complete the online application form. Also, please note that Waiwera Water NZ Ltd provides sponsorship support by supplying a combination of free or discounted product.

Sponsorship Benefits
Sponsorship is a business transaction designed to establish a mutually beneficial partnership between the two parties involved.
As well as the community benefits, please clearly state in your application the benefits your sponsorship opportunity could offer to Waiwera Water e.g. naming rights to an event, Waiwera Water branding on signage/ event programmes/ related advertising, opportunities to involve staff and/or entertain key customers.
(To be considered, please ensure you submit your request at least 6-8 weeks prior to the event.)