We are committed and dedicated about presenting our premium water to you with a quality stamp, we have gone to great lengths to comply with the highest industry standards and have the following certifications:

Waiwera water is committed to eliminating our carbon footprint and leading sustainable business practices; therefore we have joined forces with VerusCarbon Neutral to offset 100% of the CO2e generated through the entire production and transportation of all Waiwera Artesian Water products distributed in the United States.



Waiwera supports the following offset projects, helping to reduce carbon emissions locally and globally:

World Wildlife Carbon Offset Project (Kasigau Wildlife Corridor, SE Kenya) - Besides generating 150,000 metric tons of CO2 offsets each year, funding from the Kasigau REDD project has led to the protection of 500,000 acres of dry land forest. The forest serves as important habitat for elephants, lions, and 50 other species of large mammals.

Andhyodaya Biogas Project – Andhyodaya, a non-governmental organization based in Kerala, India, works with local farmers to convert organic waste into cooking gas, while helping to destroy methane, a potent greenhouse gas that contributes approximately 25 times more towards global warming than CO2.

Rocky Reach Run-of-River Hydroelectric Project - Located in north central Washington State on the Columbia River, the Rocky Reach Run-of-River Hydroelectric Project is recognized nationally for their efforts to protect the environment. In 2009, the project generated 5.4 million megawatt-hours of renewable electricity. In addition, more than 3 million dollars were invested in fish protection improvements.


HACCP Certification


The Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) certification enables us to demonstrate our commitment to food safety and customer satisfaction, as well as continuously meeting the expectations of a changing world.

HACCP is an international principle defining the requirements for effective control of food safety.